Traveling to Italy for the first time, or perhaps you’re a returning visitor that is searching for ideas of things to do in Italy? Regardless of how many times you’ve been to Italy before, there are some things that you should do if you’ve never done them before. Here are 5 must-do things that everyone should enjoy in Italy.

Ride A Vaporetto At Night

Even if you’re traveling alone, taking a night ride on a vaporetto is something that you won’t want to pass up on. If you’re traveling with your special someone, then you should know that there is nothing more romantic that you can do in Italy, and the two of you will create memories that you’ll cherish for a lifetime. You’ll be able to see many of the most famous sites in Italy, which will have a completely different ambiance under the moon light.

Visit The Uffizi Gallery In Florence

Italy was so closely linked to the Renaissance that there is still no escaping it today. And why would you want to? Renaissance art continues to capture the imaginations of those who enjoy it even today, in a way unlike any other period art ever has.

If you enjoy Renaissance art, you’ll be happy to learn that there is nowhere on the face of the earth that maintains such an awe-inspiring collection of native Italian Renaissance Art. Even the buildings that the collection is housed in, once roamed by the Medicis in fact, will take your breath away.

Watch An Opera In A Roman Amphitheater In Verona

When you take your seat to watch an opera in a Roman amphitheater, you’ll feel as though you’ve traveled through time, albeit everyone will be wearing modern clothing. There is nothing like it, watching an opera the same way as people have done so for thousands of years.

Verona is home to one of the most famous opera companies, and people travel from all over the world for the once in a lifetime chance to enjoy the grand spectacle that they put on.

Explore Rural Tuscany

Tuscany is famous throughout the world for all the small towns and villages that dot the countryside, however what is often overlooked is the views that you’ll have as you drive from town to town in your own car rental.

As you cruise along the windy country road, you’ll be taken back to a time of ancient history when life was so much simpler. It’s no wonder that so many people decide to buy an Italian country villa to retire to, leaving behind the hustle and bustle of modern day society.

Visit The Basilica Of San Marco

Everyone has heard of St. Peter’s Basilica, but in some ways even more breath-taking is the Basilica of San Marco. It is a truly unforgettable sight to behold, its profusion of Byzantine domes, marble walls, Greek cross layout, and numerous mosaics will leave you wishing for more time to enjoy it.

It was originally built in the 9th century as the final resting place for St. Mark, whose remains had been smuggled out of Egypt by Venetian merchants in a barrel filled with pork fat. It was destroyed by a fire in 932, and subsequently rebuilt.

No trip to Italy is complete without visiting these places, or doing these things. Plan to make time for them on your next vacation to Italy.